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  • 10 vibes for Bolu

    like locals

    Seven Lakes National Park: The park, mainly filled with oak, larch, and beech trees, has fascinating nature and gorgeous views. It includes seven lakes, numerous waterfalls and many tree species. It is one of TÜRKİYE’s most beautiful places to visit, camp and spend time in nature!

    Lake Abant: This natural formation offers plenty of oxygen and fresh air and is popular for sports and relaxation in nature.

    Museum of Bolu: The museum, which contains many archaeological and ethnographic pieces, features extensive exhibits of artifacts related to the Byzantine and Ottoman cultures.

    Sülüklügöl Nature Park: Sülüklü Lake has a calm and quiet atmosphere, as well as many different shades of green. The nature park is a habitat for wild animals and also offers excellent camping areas.

    Travertines of Akkaya: Set amid a lush forest, the travertines are almost reminiscent of a painting with their icy blue and white colours.

    Kartalkaya Ski Centre: You can spend a few days in Kartalkaya, located in the middle of İstanbul and Ankara, to enjoy snow and skiing among pine trees.

    Traditional Turkish Houses of Mudurnu and Göynük: The traditional houses in Mudurnu and Göynük, two of the 18 Slow Towns (Cittaslow) in Türkiye, are the cultural assets that best reflect the architecture and culture of each town.

    Nature Park of Gölcük: As a beautiful place where visitors can enjoy nature, the cosy, picturesque house by the lake in the park is the main subject of the perfect photos.

    Mengen Culinary Festival: Visitors will enjoy the lively food exhibitions, folk dances, concerts and many other events at the Festival, which has been held annually in early August for more than 30 years in the Mengen district of Bolu.

    Rock Houses of Seben: Be sure to visit the Rock Houses of Seben, which have hosted different civilizations since the Early Christianity and Middle Byzantine periods, and discover the region’s colourful history.