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    Buckle Cover of Göynük

    The Göynük buckle cover (Göynük Tokalı Örtme) is produced in Göynük, where weaving has been a traditional occupation. The buckle cover consists of two pieces of thin cotton cloth woven with short edges and a patterned section on top of it, with red tassels on short edges. Since the red tassels tied to the short fringes are called hairpins in the region, these covers are called buckle cover. The Göynük buckle cover is one of the geographical indicated products of the city.

    Needle Lace of Mudurnu

    The Mudurnu district is notable for its handicrafts. Blacksmithing, copper smithing, saddle making, basketry, tinning, wood carving, kerchief making and weaving, as well as needle lace, are among the handicrafts produced mainly by the women of Mudurnu. Traditionally made by Mudurnu women, needle laces are like living flowers. Even the names given to the laces are from the women’s own lives. Centuries earlier, Mudurnu became renowned for handmade needles, which were sold throughout Anatolia. The legendary travel writer Evliya Çelebi, who passed through Mudurnu in 1640, wrote admiringly of the Mudurnu Bazaar (Mudurnu Çarşısı), where the needle shops are lined up in rows with their wares on display. Needle laces are traditionally sewn onto the edges of scarves and kerchiefs. In recent years, the needle laces have been used in lapel roses, necklaces, earrings, chokers, rings and bookmarks.