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    Ovmaç Soup

    Ovmaç soup, an indispensable dish in the winter, owes its satisfying taste to its ingredients. Also known as oğmaç soup, it is prepared by with chickpeas, dough pieces or pasta, tomato paste and onion, and sometimes an egg.

    İmaret Soup

    Imaret soup, a recipe from the Ottoman cuisine, is a distinctive and nutritious dish made by cooking rice in milk and then seasoning with onions.

    Abant Kebabı

    Abant, which impresses with its nature, also impresses with its kebab. Abant kebabı is considered one of Bolu’s tastiest meat dishes; it is a dish that visitors are strongly encouraged to try! Eggplant is grilled, then filled with mixture of lamb, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and peppers, and roasted. The dish is topped with grated cheese. 

    Kartalkaya Kebabı

    Kartalkaya kebabı, another Bolu dish, is made by combining sautéed lamb meat with shallots, carrots, zucchini, and various seasonings. This delicious mixture is served in a vol-au-vent, appealing to the eye as much as the palate.

    Mengen Pilavı

    This wonderful pilaf from Mengen, the land of famous cooks – has its own flavour, emerging from the sweet harmony of lamb, mushrooms, walnuts, tomatoes, and dill. Visitors to Bolu are advised to sample this delicious dish!   

    Kaldırık Dolması

    Another specialty from the Mengen region, this dolma is made by boiling kaldırıks, also known as hodan leaves, and wrapping them around onions, garlic, and corn flour.

    Chocolate of Bolu

    The secret of Bolu chocolate lies in the serendipitous combination of wild hazelnuts and cocoa. The hazelnuts grown in the Bolu mountains have an unusually high oil content, giving them a distinctive flavour.