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    Forests of Bolu

    Covering 65 percent of Bolu’s lands, the forests feature a variety of trees in every shade of green, along with fresh air and magnificent nature. The Bolu forests are known for their memorable aromatic pine fragrance.

    Cologne of Yeniçağa

    Yeniçağa cologne (Yeniçağa Kolonyası) gets its unusual fragrance from Bolu’s pine forests.

    Aladağ Plateaus

    The Aladağ Plateaus (Aladağ Yaylaları) are located 30 km south of the Bolu city centre. Set on the slopes of the mountain, the plateaus burst into colour according to season. Visitors can trek and mountain bike in the area, also popular with Bolu residents for picnics. Campsites are available on some plateaus, such as Ardıçtepe, Gölcük, Sarıalan and Değirmenözü, though not all.

    Kızık Plateau and Plateau Houses

    The houses on the Kızık Plateau (Kızık Yaylası) are unusual architecturally. No nails were used in the construction of these plateau houses, set along the road to the Seben district. The structures are built via a method of interlocking and clamping. The interiors of these homes feature large stoves, as well as many regional items.

    Highland Thyme

    Bolu is rich in plateaus that offer features such as formations, microclimates, water resources and natural vegetation, including numerous types of herbs. The many Bolu plateaus are must-see destinations in terms of natural beauty and suitable climate. A distinctive characteristic of Bolu plateaus is the fragrance of thyme.