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    Seven Lakes Waterfalls

    The seven lakeswithin the Seven Lakes National Park (Yedigöller Milli Parkı) are fed by waterfalls, also within the park. The melodic sound of the waterfalls blends with the songs of the park’s birds to create a soothing melody.

    International Köroğlu Festival

    The International Köroğlu Festival (Uluslararası Köroğlu Festivali), held annually in August, is a colourful, three-day event featuring dance and musical performances, often with prominent artists.  In addition, the Festival includes hiking and cycling events.

    International Mengen Culinary and Tourism Festival

    Held continuously for more than 30 years in the Mengen district of Bolu, this Festival takes place in early August. It is enormously popular, featuring food competitions, folk dances, concerts, and many other events.

    Mudurnu International Silk Road Culture, Art and Tourism Festival

    This popular event draws enthusiastic participants to its folk dance performances, painting exhibitions and concerts. It takes place in the Mudurnu district of Bolu every year in late June and early July.

    Karagöl Culture and Art Festival

    The Karagöl Culture and Art Festival, held in the town of Kıbrısçık every July, is organized to promote the Köroğlu region. Folk dances and concerts are among the various activities of the Festival.