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  • Bolu GoTürkiye

    Bolu, in the Black Sea Region, has a history dating to BCE 1200 and spanning the Hittite, Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires. Bolu has acquired a unique identity over the years, with its authentic traditions and customs.

    About 65 percent of its land is covered with forest, bestowing Bolu with a variety of trees, oxygen-rich air, and magnificent natural landscapes. Bolu, offering natural beauties such as Abant, Gölcük, Göynük Sünnet Lake (Göynük Sünnet Gölü), Mudurnu Sülüklü Lake (Mudurnu Sülüklü Gölü), Kıbrıscık Karagöl, Aladağ Beşpınarlar, Bolu Plateaus (Bolu Yaylaları), Seben Taşlıyayla Lake (Seben Taşlıyayla Gölü), Seven Lakes and Göksu (Yedigöller ve Göksu), is a true paradise on earth. World-renowned chefs from Bolu and Mengen have put great emphasis on keeping the traditional flavours alive, thus bringing the special cuisine of Bolu onto a wider stage.

    Bolu today has an advantageous position, located between İstanbul and Ankara, the two most populous cities in Türkiye.